Szállások Skalica (Szakolca, Skalitz)

BROOKLYN SKALICA. Our accommodation facility is located in recreational area ZLATNICKA DOLINA, some 12 kilometers from Hodonin town, it is one hour driving distance from thermal spas Laa an der Thaya. Accommodation comprises rooms with 2 to 4 beds. TV room, table tennis and outside tennis ground and fire place are also available. We also have separate self-catering apartments with toilet, kitchen and TV for total SKK 420 per person per night. We offer bike rentals and table tennis at discounted rates. Specials: both Czech and Slovak GSM coverage, dinners can be arranged at close by traditional cottage with mini-zoo visits for kids. Suitable for company offsite parties, BBQ and "goulash-parties". Special Rate: weekend accommodation in self-catering apartments for total SKK 650 per person /two nights with free tennis and bike

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Autópálya, Autópályadíj-kalkulátor Horvátország