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The holiday home &#8220The Door” of Mignana is situated in the country of the city of Vinci, famous all over the world as it was the birthplace of the genius Leonardo. The facility, totally plunged in the Tuscan country, consists of five residences in old stones, with fittings in precious chestnut wood and with a floor made in terracotta tiles. Plunged in the peace of an unpolluted nature, &#8220The Door” of Mignana offers its guests a breathtaking view, that stretches out as far as the eye can see through the valleys of Empoli, San Miniato and Vinci letting everybody make out Livorno, the Tyrrenian See and Gorgona Island. A stay at &#8220The Door &#8220 of Mignana let you so plunge in the rural Microcosm of Tuscany, coming totally in the traditional surroundings of the country, live the rhythms of the ancient rustic life, finding again in this calm and silence the best antidote against the stress of modern life.

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