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Villa Giulia is an elegant residence from the Napoleonic period and lies amidst green landscaped gardens and a centuries-old wood, criss-crossed with romantic paths. The estate looks out over the Adriatic Sea and the town and the port of Fano, with the gentle Marche hills in the background: it is a unique, charming place, ideal for a romantic Honeymoon. La Villa still has original furniture from various periods inside, antique books and objects that have belonged to the family for centuries: the general impression is one of a fascinating atmosphere everywhere. By the Villa there is an old private Chapel where Sunday masses and ceremonies are still celebrated. Visitors have the feeling that they are reliving a page of Italian and French history: the Villa and the park are full of traces left by former owners, such as Prince Eug&#232ne de Beauharnais, Napoleon&#39s beloved stepson and Viceroy of the Kingdom of Italy, or Baroness Giulia de Rolland, the present owners&#39 ancestor who was an important person at the Sabauda Court at the beginning of the century. This elegant Fano hotel residence is surrounded by a large park that creates a continuity effect between the house and the countryside. The wood and the gardens have several quiet corners where you can relax, read a book from the library or paint glimpses of the villa, the park or the wonderful landscape that surrounds you. The park merges into the family farm olive grove from where you carry on to the Villa&#39s picturesque swimming pool. Breakfast is an unforgettable moment of the day: in the warm season it is served in the garden opposite the sea, or in the pleasant dining room that is characterized by a pretty, finely sculpted, wooden bow

Hotel SOLE


Hotel SOLE (SUNCE) se nalazi u mirnom predjelu gradica Marotta,na moru. Udobno i tiho mjesto za sve one koji žele provesti miran odmor sa obitelji i djecom (za djecu do 3 godine starosti boravak je besplatan). Hotel ima male dimenzije sa 30 soba ali je opremljen sa svim osnovnim uslugama. Tretman je \"All Inclusive\" (Puni Pansion sa vinom i vodom za rucak i veceru+ Plaža sa 2 lezaljke i 1 suncobran+ privatni parking+taksa za boravak) Sve sobe imaju balkon s pogledom na more, kompletna usluga, Telefon-Interphone, TV-satelit. Na zahtjev klima uređaj. Restoran (2-3 različita obroka,meso ili riba po izboru svaki dan) i dorucak (bogati \"InterContinental\" buffet) s pogledom na more. Bar ima vanjsku terasu u blizini mora. Besplatne usluge: soba za djecu s TV,mala teretana, stolni tenis,bicikla, široki parking djelomično pokriven, privatna plaža s poljem za bocce,igraliste za beach volley i beach tenis i igre za

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