Vila Caprita* Busteni

 Vila Caprita* Busteni Mesto/obec: Buşteni
Adresa ubytovacieho zariadenia: 2185 Buşteni, Romania, Prahova Valley, Busteni

Tel. č.:+44 244 320105
GSM:+44 0720 621390
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The whole activity of the company Florina'񟬹''takes place in the tourism field. The activity is Căpriţa * Villa offers accommodation in Busteni and that rents throughout the year tourists come to the Prahova Valley rest or leisure trips.
The villa is located in a quiet area, easily accessible, close to the forest. For visiting neighboring cities logs: Sinaia, Azuga, Predeal, Braşov or making trips to other areas there are means of transportation (buses, minibuses, taxis) moving frequently.
Since 2000, after the villa was bought from SC Viltour S.A. Logs have begun work to rehabilitate the building, aimed at improving the final accommodation provided prior to the villa and classification category of a star. In this respect closed terrace, which encircle villa to build bathrooms existing floor room.
The total area of construction is 240.27 square meters, floor 199.66 sqm respectively, upstairs. Villa has 10 full dining room and bedrooms
Busteni is a small mountain town in northern Prahova county, Muntenia, in central Romania. It is located on the Prahova Valley, at the foot of Bucegi Mountains, which have maximum altitude of 2500 m. It has a population of 10,374 inhabitants.
Average altitude of the city Buşteni is 850m. It is one of the most popular mountain resorts, offering spectacular panoramas, a lot of opportunities and holiday activities, from skiing to mountain trips. Located 135 km from Bucharest, stretching 7 km down the valley between "Vadul Cerbului and tunnel digging in the mountain Pintenul" much longer

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