holiday house in Vulcano - Aeolian Islands

holiday house in Vulcano - Aeolian Islands Specific type of accommodation unit: Apartment (4 adults)
Town: Lipari
Address of accommodation: villaggio Lentia h13 - Isola Vulcano

GSM:+39 334 3626036
Capacity (number of people): 4
Number of living rooms: 1
Number of kitchens: 1
Number of bedrooms (pcs): 1
Number of bathrooms (pcs): 1
Area (m2): 45

When would you like to stay at this accommodation?


A small corner of Earthly Paradise: Our house is located in the very exclusive residential village of Lentia: one can rest in its light-blue porch, enjoying a breathtaking landscape, the shade of pine trees, eucalyptus trees and fig trees and the sight of sailing ships passing by the main bays of Aeolian archipelago. From the path next to the porch one can enjoy the view of marvelous flaming sunsets on the Alicudi and Filicudi islands, the most far islands of this archipelago. When opening the window shutters in the morning, our guests should not be surprised to see, in such a magic and picturesque environment, a family of wild rabbits (undisturbed guests of the Vulcano Nature Reserve) who quickly hide in the ferns.
The Holiday House is located at the top of a hill with stunning views overlooking over Aeolian islands and sea and is surrounded by lush vegetation. The master bedroom offers an exceptional night views of the eruptions of Stromboli .
This attractive apartment sleeps up to 4 people with one bedroom and a sofa bed in the living room to sleep two more.
The big dining room of our two-room house has a cooker with 4-burners and a well equipped kitchen wall, a big freezer/fridge, and complete kitchenware. In the same room there is a big and comfortable double divan bed. In the access area to the dining room there is an useful wardrobe available for 3th or 4th guests.
This apartment also has a TV, fans and parking.

here you find seven islands resembling ink drops on a bright blue sea with changing shades. Here human beings and nature still live in a perfect environmental balance in a enchanting surrounding belonging to the UNESCO World Heritage.

There is neither winter nor scorching summer in the isle of VULCANO: average temperatures range from 14° C in January to 27°C in July. During the day, beside the beautiful sea, one can enjoy this island’s special gifts to its guests: thermal water springs, warm mud baths with undoubted therapeutic effects, natural hydro massages of warm water streams (which reemerge in the sea a few meters from the shoreline), easy walking tours to enjoy the view of sulphurous vapors and bright yellow sulfur crystals on the crater of the Vulcano. In this island houses still feature a typical Aeolian architectural style and colors. From the crater rim one can enjoy a complete view encompassing all the active volcano located on European islands: Vulcano, Stromboli and Etna (the highest one: 3300 m over sea level) for a marvelous sight which can take your breath away and touch all your heartstrings.
“Nothing more stunning can shock the human eye” (Guy de Maupassant)

The small village of Lentia is located on the top of a head dropping from the cliff to the sea and is surrounded by luxuriant Mediterranean vegetation including eucalyptus trees, pine trees, palms, oleander trees, cycas plants, agave, bougainvillea flowers, hibiscus flowers and aromatic plants, all of them lovingly cured during the winter.

 The highlight of the services offered to the guests is a huge swimming pool which can be used free (in the summertime) of charge together with sun umbrellas, sun beds, and water showers.
 Tennis court

 Shuttle- bus service is available every hour from June to September from our house to Vulcano city center, to harbor and to the sandy beaches of the isle.
This allows you to enjoy a pleasant stay even without a car, easily reaching the beaches, the harbor, the thermal mud baths, the shops, etc.

 This village also has an exclusive bay surrounded by cliffs.

 Complete safety, respect of privacy, exclusive availability of all the facilities are all ensured by a efficient service of porter at the entrance to the village.
 2+2 resting places

MUD BATHS IN THE ISLAND OF VULCANO: People have been bathing in the big natural mud pool in the island of Vulcano since Roman times till nowadays. The pool is located near the black beach and encloses fumaroles. Bathing in a natural sulphurous mud pool with fumaroles is on of the main pleasures that the island of Vulcano can offer you. Everything looks like just it did back in Roman times: the pool can be found next to the sea, just a short walk away from the main harbor, and offers warm water and mud, ideal for healing your skin, respiratory system and rheumatisms. You can watch interesting natural phenomena on the beach: gas emissions make the water and the black sand move. This is just one of the many geothermal wonders that strike the tourists at the feet of the huge volcanic crater dominating the island of Vulcano.

You can only have a look at the fumaroles at the top of the crater (391m a.s.l.) if you walk up to the edge of the cone-shaped volcano: an easy 45 minute long hike crossing unique minerals, funny shapes (the so-called “bread bombs”) and the magic moonscapes of the Bombs Valley. The inside of the crater strikes you with its yellow soil and sulphur smell. Surrounded by the fumaroles smoke, you can enjoy a boundless view……”at infinity”

The sea and the indented coastline work as a beautiful frame for two of the island’s main attractions:
1. The famous “Venus Pool” with shallow waters and surrounded by reefs. It is so called because it is rich in rock alum, a mineral that makes your skin soft and smooth, strengthening its natural immunity.
2. The “Horse Grotto” which can be visited on small boats and where you can bath while the sunlight dances on the water.
In the crystal-clear waters surrounding the island of Vulcano you can swim, dive or snorkel.

In the island of Vulcano you can move from one place to another either by walking, or by bus, or by car and motorbike which can be easily rented in several car-rental points.

While enjoying the sea, it is also possible to make some easy and interesting daily tours by hydrofoil to the other islands of the Aeolian archipelago. These islands all have different environmental and landscape characteristics but all of them always enjoy a clear cloudless sky and a mild climate. The Lipari isle has pumice and obsidian quarries and pumice-white beaches where the Taviani brothers filmmakers shot their famous film “Kaos”. The romantic landscapes of the Salina isle hosted the set of the film “The postman” starring the Italian actor Massimo Troisi and the French actor Phillippe Noiret. The Stromboli isle, featuring rough landscapes, is an active volcano with a lava flow constantly running towards the sea: here night skies are always glowing for explosions. The Alicudi isle has no real streets: small paths can be visited on a mule, which is the only means of transportation of this place…

The sea waters surrounding the islands of Vulcano and Lipari have been awarded 2 “Bandiera Blu” prizes certifying their cleanliness. The Sicilian sea waters as a whole just got 5 awards!

Today the Aeolian islands look like seven beautiful and “wild sisters”, echoing the stories by Omer and Greek mythology which placed here the home of Hephaestus, the Keeper of the Fire, and of Aeolus, the Keeper of the Winds.

How you get to Vulcano Island
Ferry: from Neaples and Milazzo (35km from Messina): 2-3 trips /day
Hydrofoil: from Milazzo (in the province of Messina) and from the other Aeolian islands: frequent trips per day
Air flight: low-cost air flights are available to the Catania airport. From the Catania airport you can reach the Milazzo harbor by bus (2 trips a day) or else you can take a bus to Messina (frequent trips per day) than change the bus to Milazzo harbor.
In summer a shuttle bus offers frequent rides at fixed timetable from the village hosting our apartment to the city centre/harbor. This allows you to enjoy a pleasant stay even without a car, easily reaching the beaches, the harbor, the thermal mud baths, the shops, etc.

WEEKLY RATES – key-in-hand (all inclusive)

The rates include:
- The stay
- Free-of-charge (in the summertime) access to the swimming-pool with sun umbrellas, sun beds, and water showers.
- Free-of-charge car parking in an inside, outdoor, unguarded area.
- All-in water, electricity and gas consumption, 1 set of bath towels and 1 set of bed linings
- Final cleaning of the flat. The cleaning of the kitchen stoves, hob and fridge is not included in the rate and have to be returned in a clean condition, and the kitchenware has to be properly washed (if not, guests will be extra charged 20,00 Euros).
- Pets are permitted but must not create noise and dirt. For your pet in tow, it is required an extra 30 Euros for deeper cleaning. However you have to bring all the equipment to care for your 4-legged friend (bed, bowl, etc.).

Compulsory charges to be paid on site:
- 200 euro deposit for any damage and/or shortage. This deposit will be given back to the guests at the end of their stay after checking the flat.

No more than 4 people are allowed to accommodate in the flat and, in any case, the number of guests cannot exceed the one mentioned in the reservation.
The flat will be handed over to the guests in a clean and order condition. The flat is well equipped with kitchenware towels, table cloths and cleaning materials. Guests are kindly requested to properly keep the equipment and will be considered responsible for any damage.

Tourist tax - Registration tax

Tourist tax
Included in the price.


Can not be ordered
Can not be ordered
Can not be ordered

Air-conditioning - Bed-clothes - Final cleaning

Not available
Included in the price.
Final cleaning
Included in the price.


Satellite channels
Private balcony
Accommodation is on an island
Sandy beach
Tennis Court
Outdoor Swimming Pool (seasonal)
Free! Free private parking is possible on site (reservation is not needed).
From 16.00 o'clock
Until 10.00 o'clock
Pets are allowed. Charges may be applicable. 30.00 EUR/day
Green area
Distance from the centre:
  <2000 m
Distance from the beach:
  >1000 m
Distance from the waterside:
  <1000 m
Distance from the Sandy beach:
  >1000 m
  <50 m
  <50 m

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