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The open year round guest house \"Margaret\" is equipped for 6 people. Behind the house 100 meters away are the trees are the forests of Bakonyalja. Large grass yard beach, shady garden, the rest for you. A large grassy courtyard assures a shaded garden to relax. Is the pension a concubine and two-bedroom. Conveniently, the bathrooms and the kitchen well provided. In the room (on a request), we put an extra bed. The house is heated with gas and stove. The board is to get yourself in the castle or you can order daily offer and next to the guest house there is a grocery store with great selection. Services: fully equipped kitchen, bathroom, Non smoking rooms, own garden, tv room, parking Bicycles are available for hiking. In the garden can verschidene sports agent for ball games (volleyball, badminton, soccer), and used free of charge for children be. In addition, outdoor barbecue and grilling on. Garden furniture for guests. Guests can prepare roast in kettle to boil and use the garden

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