Hotel Balatonfüred

Hotel Marina


Agro Hotel

The town of Balatonfüred is situated on the Northern shore of Lake Balaton. From the beach there is a fantastic view of Tihany with the Abbey on the top. Balatonfüred is the   >>>  

Hotel Vasutas

Balatonfüred is the oldest spa and holiday resort on the Northern shore of Lake Balaton. It has a beautiful geography, pleasant mild climate and famous historical monuments. You   >>>  

Balatonfüred is a small town with a population of 14 thousand. It is often referred to as the Mecca of those seeking a cure to heart complaints. It is a living village museum of   >>>  

Hotel Astoria*** és Étterem

ASTORIA HOTEL expects holiday makers with double and treble rooms and 2 suites. Altogether 43 guests can find peace and privacy in our hotel in the same time. Rooms are equipped   >>>  

Our hotel is situated on the North side of Balaton, at Balatonfüred behind the strand, only 50 m far from the water. Between the strand and the hotel you can find the Aranyhíd   >>>  

Hotel Thetis

Is among one of the newest Hotels in Balatonfüred. This modern style Hotel, which was built in 1992, is located in the centre of the town, 300 meters from the Lake   >>>  

Hotel Park***

Our Hotel is 200 meters far from the lake Balaton, and it guaranties perfect opportunities to relaxing, and holidays for families. There is a swimming pool and a playground too for   >>>  

Hotel Uni

Balatonfüred, lying 120 kms south-west of Budapest on the northern shore of Lake Balaton is a famous health and holiday resort. Its history, traditions numerous sights as well as   >>>  

Hotel Annabella

Balatonfüred is the capital of the northern shore of Lake Balaton. It has been a popular bathing resort already in the 18-th century, its beauty and jollity were admired by poets.   >>>  

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